Hand Analysis for Career, Business, Life

In these changing times many individuals are feeling a need to look at reorientating their direction in life. 

 Is This You?

  • Feeling like you need some direction?
  • Are you going through a transition?
  • Do you want to redesign your life according to your purpose?
  • Would you like to decode your purpose?

  • Would you like to connect to skills, gifts, purpose and be aware of your challenges and how to breakthrough them?

Vocational Hand Analysis Session

What happens in the session - 

1. Diagnostic Discussion - We will discuss at where you are at at the moment and where you need the most guidance.

2. Hand Analysis -  In this part of the session, I will study your hands in depth so that we can discuss the findings.

3. Insights - we discuss the findings from the hand analysis and look at how to use this information.

Some people may be happy with this stand alone session, however, other services are available for those who wish to continue on a coaching journey.  At this point we can design the next stage.

This service is available either face to face or via skype/ telephone. I would need hand prints to be sent to me or scanned.  

Whats next?

  • Coaching sessions are available including bespoke packages

  • Interview Coaching  

  • CV Analysis and Coaching

  • Job search coaching

  • Presentation Coaching (including analysis of clothing) 

I have worked in the recruitment field for many years both as an agent and as a recruitment manager for top Global firms.  I was featured in The Apprentice Magazine in an article called "me and my coach".



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