Kundalini Yoga Courses


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation works very effectively as a course. By working on a specific aspect we are bringing more energy to the theme.

If you (1 to 1 or a group) would like to book a course, please contact me on 07941 679192 or mail@sukhpalkaur.com 

6 or 8 week courses

Course Themes Available: 


Kundalini Beginners Course  - we explore the mantras, basic postures and beginners sets and kriyas. 

Your Life is in Your Chakras - 8 week course. We work progressively with the chakras each week from the root to the aura.

Kundalini Yoga for Women 

Kundalini Yoga for Natural Beauty and Radiance 

Kundalini Yoga For Daily Fitness and Maintainance 

Kundalini Yoga for Healing and Relaxation( Incorporating Reiki)

Kundalini Yoga for Men

Kundalini Yoga For Prosperity 

Kundalini Yoga For Business Success

Kundalini Yoga Detox

Kundalini Meditation & Mantra Immersion 

Please let me know if you have a course theme idea or request

Kundalini Yoga and The Astrological Year  12 month programme. - in this programme we work through all the elements and the sign of the moment!

Special ! -  Birthday Yoga - book a  class or a course for your birthday Or For A Gift