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Sukhpal-  A Bridge to Insights!



Just  a little about myself to give you a context for my skills and background. Sukhpal means " the guardian of peace". This name was given to me by my parents. I believe in every name there is a purpose.

From an early age I was always observing people and asking them questions. I used to spend a lot of time with the elderly as a child, learning about their lives and experiences. 

I went on to study law.  Following my degree, I went into recruitment, where I have had the opportunity to assit numerous individuals with their careers. I have a very experiential, practical recruitment and career coaching background. I have also worked as a recruitment manager for major firms. 

I am a kundalini yoga teacher, which is a powerful practice. Its incredibly vibrational and life supporting.   

I was born in England, however, my parents are from India. I have always been drawn to the ancient wisdom of mystical India. I love to merge these ancient principles with modern psychology and the landscape of life we are living in today. This is my purpose - I am bridge, a catalyst and here to help people connect with their gifts and truth. What better place is there to create from?

I remember having my palm read when I visited India at the age of 9 years old. I loved the experience and remember feeling an affinity with the practice. Following this experience I read hand after hand, book after book to learn more about this ancient art.

Hand analysis is not predictive. It is much more than that! From reading the hands we can establish information on key areas for an individual, namely your purpose, skills, gifts, challenges and your soul map.  You can use the information to manifest what works for you.

I have studied many things, however, hand analysis is the fastest way of gathering such valuable information that I have ever come across. Just through a hand analysis, you can gain much more that you may gain from several hours of coaching. I get to the nitty gritty from the hand analysis and move onto the coaching.

I do hope that I can read your hands soon! 

Peace to all, light to all, love and compassion for all.









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